Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond

Regional Plan for School Readiness

Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond expresses deep gratitude for the commitment and voices of the many individuals and organizations that participated in developing this plan.

Participants in the Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond quarterly partnership meetings, locality committees, and the Ready Early Care, Ready Families, and Ready Schools action teams were essential partners. They brought immeasurable assets to the table, made tough decisions about priorities, and shared their commitment to invest in the new direction with their own time and talent.

The Board of Smart Beginnings Greater Richmond offered encouragement, guidance, and support, and members attended many of the planning sessions. Special appreciation is due to the members of the Impact Committee, who guided the process from the beginning, integrated input and research findings along the way, and kept the plan and the process relevant and focused.

We are continuing our work on the new Regional Plan for School Readiness, and have extended its development to ensure that we address both short-term and long-term impacts of COVID, and the inclusion of authentic community voice in our on-going efforts to address issues of equity and inclusion.